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Frequently Asked Questions 2019-07-27T14:14:44-07:00

How to Schedule a Repair?

The process is fairly simple. Right above this section, you will find the option to select your iPhone. Once you click your desired iPhone, it will take you to the booking form. It is a very simple walk-through from there. Simply enter your details and our technician will get to you ASAP! Also, feel free to dial 702-881-8846 if you need help with appointment or have any sort of confusion.

How Long Does It Take to Finish a Repair?

Depending on the repair, it normally takes 15 to 30 minutes for us to get your iphone repaired once we are at your location.

Do You Come to Our Casino or Hotel Room?

Definitely, we understand and value your time while you’re in Vegas and we try our best to get the most of it done when it comes to your phone issue. Just book an appointment and someone will be there to help you right on time.

Why Makes You So Special? 

We use the most quality parts available out there. But still, we set our price very competitive with local business regardless of the fact that we come to your place to fix your phone. Last but not least, all our services are backed with one year warranty.

What Kind of Warranty Do You Offer?

We offer one year warranty on all types of repair. We understand that there are some companies out there offering lifetime warranty but once you go through their terms and conditions in details, it will not take a second to realize how our real one year warranty is far better such lifetime warranty. For more details, follow this link.