Warranty 2017-07-01T19:43:55-07:00


You are backed with one year warranty on any repair unless you have to signed the waiver due to preexisting condition or under the following circumstances.

  • Phone with liquid damage
  • Loss of data (we are not responsible for loss of data so it is recommended to backup your data prior to repair)
  • Cracked screens or any notable physical damage on the phone.
  • Issues that has nothing to do with actual repair done. For instance, the LCD replacement warranty will not cover the issue related with loud speakers or charging port.
  • A non-functional and severed home button
  • If the phone is tempered or repaired by someone else after our repair, warranty shall be void.
  • Jailbroken devices
  • Upon any notable related issue with repair, it is necessary for client to get in touch with customer support within 7 days.